“Have You No Sense of Decency,” Klein Picks a Role Model

 You’ve done enough, have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

 Joseph Welch, Army-McCarthy Hearing, 1954


As the Klein regency inches toward sunset if must be wondering how it will be remembered. An idealist education reformer who changed the face of urban education? A tough and brave school leader who took on the unions and won? or, a modern day Joe McCarthy?

The Department secretly tape records opposing voices! keeps “secret” files on critics! leaks negatives to the media! uses surrogates to attack and demean!

Tweed is setting its own legacy by it’s disgraceful acts.

Diane Ravitch, a respected historian and author, an insider in government, college professor, and lately a blogger at Education Week and a frequent commenter on the New York and national education scene. An initial support of Bloomberg, Klein and mayoral control she has increasing become a critic.

The Klein approach: use a high profile surrogate to trash Ravitch in a NY Post op ed piece . The response has been fast and vigorous, from the UFT Edwize blog, to the Manhattan Instituter Sol Stern to Ravitch’s own response.

The reauthorization of No Child Left Behind has been the subject of vigorous debate from across the range of opinions: unions, think tanks, superintendents, researchers, everyone has an opinion. An example of vigorous, ofttimes passionate public debate … the essence of a healthy democracy.

Organizations across the city are beginning to discuss mayoral control. The teacher’s union and the City Council have established Task Forces. Public hearing are in the offing. Many State legislators have rethought their initial support …

Rather than join the debate Klein has chosen to emulate the late Senator from Wisconsin and wave his fictional “list” of “communists.”


One response to ““Have You No Sense of Decency,” Klein Picks a Role Model

  1. perchance2dream

    A little advice from Sophocles to Mr. Klein: “Don’t kill the messenger.”

    This administration has a tin ear for truth and subsequently a knack for making poor choices.

    The Diane Ravitch affair will certainly rank as one of the Bloomberg era’s more memorable blunders.

    If they had any shame at Tweed, they would be blushing.


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