Is Joel McCain’s Consigliere? Has Klein Dumped Barack? Is He Dating McCain?

Who will be whispering in the ear of the monarch? Who will be Barack or John’s educational consigliere?
In New York City the clock on the “Kleindom” is ticking with a June 30, 2009 sunset date. Joel has spent his chancellorship treating everyone who may disagree with him with disdain. He failed to listen to Buddy Cianci, the former Mayor of Providence, who advises, “Beware, the hand you bite today may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.”
Throughout the spring a range of elected officials and organizations have been discussing what the next educational administration will look like. Virtually everyone praises mayoral control, and follows with a but …
The critics range from the City Council, the Public Advocate, a range of elected officials both on the Council and in Albany, the Teacher Union and many parent and advocacy groups, in fact, there is no public support for continuing the current governance system without substantial changes.
Will Joel try to fight to reauthorize the current governance plan? or, move on to the national stage?
Joel and his alter ego, Chris Cerf vamped off to Chicago to meet with a Barack advisor. Chris jousted with Sol Stern on Eduwonk, a national education blog. And, Joel and his new homeboy Al Sharpton are shopping their Education Equality Project, that blames teachers and unions for the ills of schools.
A Gates Foundation head praises Mike and Joel in a “Where is Gates Going” speech in early July.
McCain speaks at the NAACP Convention, and he sounds suspiciously like, you guessed it, Joel Klein and his Education Equality Project.
Is the meeting with Obama advisors a beard? Is Joel really whispering in the ear of McCain?
It looks increasingly like Obama is cozying up to the teacher unions and Joel, looking for a place to land after New York, is diddling with the McCain camp.
A McCain Secretary of Education Joel Klein?

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