Lawrence Harvey, Gwen Verdon and the Dark Knight: Truth Imitates Fiction in New York City

Scenario 1: A hockey mom mayor from an obscure Alaskan city attacks the power structure, runs for governor and is elected, later, selected for Vice President, and, when President dies suddenly becomes President. Lawrence Harvey (Manchurian Candidate) plays the role of the candidate.
Scenario 2: A short, Jewish lawyer, famous for “taking on” the rich and powerful, heads the school system in Gotham, fights the enemies of truth and justice, runs for Mayor, wins, and working with the “Dark Knight” fights the evil forces, played by a thinned down Danny DeVito.
Scenario 3: The Mets win the World Series, the Jets the Super Bowl and the Knicks become NBA Champs … DailyKos exposes that all the team members signed a pact with the devil (see Gwen Verdon in Damn Yankees).
Isn’t September in an election year wonderful?
The Hydra, Joel and Mike, hisses and rises to strike at the poor, defenseless public.
Actually the public may be organizing to strike back.
In spite of two public referendums, and numerous declamations that he has no interest in a third term, he is “playing” with all of us. Almost, except for Mike and his posse, everyone, works for  a living, has a real job that pays for health insurance, rent/mortgage, food and is able to put away something for the future. Mike and his posse have limitless resources and enjoy playing the game, moving around the average guy like pawns on a chess board.
The People Have Spoken Coalition, headed by Norman Siegal, is challenging the anti-term limit folk. Interestingly, Ronald Lauder, who crafted the original term limit campaign is about to air TV commercials spanking the City Council.
According to informal polls about two-thirds of the Council indicate they support the removal of term limits, but, the public strongly supports keeping term limits.
Will the Council members stand up to the public for another four years in office, or go with the sentiment of the ordinary folk?
Joel, the other head of the hydra, seems voracious: US Secty of Education, Mayor, Chancellor, he gobbled up each and every big time job. And. as the clock ticks on the sunset of Mayoral Control Mike and his media attack all opponents.
Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum issued a Report that supports Mayoral Control, with some tweaks. The NY Daily News, in an editorial attacked poor Betsy.
First to surface with that terrible idea was Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, who last week produced a sham of a document that purported to support mayoral control while calling for its abolition.
The forces are forming, Bill DiBlasio, in a NY Sun editorial  takes on the question of role of the parents and the public in public schools.
Predestination or free will? Will the rich and powerful manipulate and prevail, or, will the poor folk rise up …
Of course if the Mets stay in the race and the Jets beat the Patriots next Sunday maybe that third scenario will begin to look more attractive.

2 responses to “Lawrence Harvey, Gwen Verdon and the Dark Knight: Truth Imitates Fiction in New York City

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes


  2. ace, if i had to choose between obama being elected or the jets and mets winning it all, i’d choose the former. (and knowing the depth of my loyalties to the jets and mets, you know how much this election means to me. do you have the devil’s email address?) bob p.s. i don’t root for the knicks so fuhgetabout ’em.


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