The Board of Education, a US Senate Seat and Racial Politics: Mike Bloomberg’s Dilemma

The Albany Senate pas de 62 gives a good game, charades, a bad name. Can’t you imagine Gilbert and Sullivan turning the Senate into a wonderful opera-comique.
The resuscitation of the Board of Education remains securely in the hands of the Mayor, three of the appointees are deputy mayors, reports NY1 after an 8 am Wednesday meeting.
Three deputy mayors and the Staten Island appointee gives the Mayor his majority, although one could argue that deputy mayors assuming the position of board member are “double-dipping,” since board members are salaried. (see here)
BPs Helen Marshall (Queens)  and Marty Markowitz (Brooklyn) will be elected for their third, and last term in November … lame ducks more interested in life after borough prez and their next job.
Scott Stringer, Manhattan BP is interested in the Maloney seat in Congress, she has almost declared for the Hillebrand US Senate seat. Two local electeds, Micah Kellner and Liz Kruger would have to give up their Albany jobs are possibles, and let’s not forget Eva Moskowitz.
Stringer would not have to abandon his BP seat to run, and keeping on Mike’s “good side,” i.e., his appointee vote on the new Board of Education, could result in wooing Mike to his camp.
The actual meeting today at noon gives rubber stamp a bad name, a rubber stamp is a useful tool. If you want to view four minutes of the eight minute meeting click here. After continuing Joel Klein in office they adjourned until September … hoping against hope that an Albany solution will put them out of office.
The key player these days is a relative unknown, Senator John Sampson, representing the Canarsie community in Brooklyn. Sampson has made it abundantly clear that the Assembly bill needs adjustments. Sampson favors fixed terms for PEP members, although the word “fixed” is vague (four year terms as specified in the law, or two year, or one year terms), an independent parent advocacy center, that is also strongly supported by one of Mike’s allies, EBC (East Brooklyn Churches), a coalition of churches lead by Reverend Youngblood, and giving parents a clearly defined role in the principal/superintendent selection process. See bill here
Will Bloomberg go to war with John Sampson, a highly regarded moderate black legislator, and risk mobilizing the community of color, or, back off and include the Sampson proposals in a final bill?
Aren’t politics wonderful?

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