The Faux Raise: Playing “Chicken,” Charter Schools, Teacher Evaluation and Layoffs, Who “Blinked?” and Are We Ignoring the Clients (the kids and families)?

 The mayor steps to the podium and announces that he is freezing a raise that doesn’t exist, and BTW, the cleaners called, they found several hundred millions in that pair of pants, so, what the hell, no layoffs.
For weeks the specter of layoffs, eligibility for RttT, the charter school cap and evaluation by test scores rolled across computer and TV screens. Joe Williams and his charter/hedge fund bankrollers outspent the union.
Who won?
The charter cap jumped, 114 more charter schools in New York City over the next four years, vague wording about children with disabilities, ELL and co-location, and a sentence granting auditing rights to the NYS Comptroller. Improvements to a charter school must include the entire building, not just the charter. From the union perspective will the new law increase chances of unionized charter schools? Or, like the governance law will the chancellor simply ignore?  
The teacher evaluation bill requires that 20% of evaluations based on student data, but, 70% of teachers teach in classes not tested by the state ELA/Math exams, another 20% is an evaluation tool to be decided.
Will the SED be able to put this in place by the 11-12 school year? Can the union and the chancellor agree on that “other” 20%? or, is Jesse Rothstein right, and “valid and reliable” data is an illusion?
The just announced Chicago study shows that performance pay had no impact on teacher retention or pupil achievement.  Does anyone care? or, is the race to reform based on  a hunch? Is the RttT the decentralization “solution” of the second decade of the 21st century, and, just as dubious?
If September comes and the Michaels, Joel, Meryl and David are standing on the podium with Arne as he counts out that half a billion or so, a win-win, if they glumly watch Colorado, or South Dakota, or whomever grab the dollars Mulgrew will have to ask, was it worth it? 
If in the fall the Mayor and Mulgrew hug as they announce a new contract, wonderful. If it’s a year from now and no contract, maybe the battle will ratchet up, especially as the countdown to 2013 begins.
This is the last year of the federal stimulus dollars, and, if Washington doesn’t pass a teacher jobs bill we may be right back where we are, except, Andrew Cuomo is added to the mix.
The jousting, the lances dehorsing one side or another has been going on for the six years of the Klein regency, is it working? Are the poorest, the most vulnerable kids benefiting from this new school management system?
The Center for NYC Affairs at the New School (Milano), authors of a profound student attendance study and a small-large high school study are now investigating the DoE NYC School Management System, sign up and drop by on June 16th.

One response to “The Faux Raise: Playing “Chicken,” Charter Schools, Teacher Evaluation and Layoffs, Who “Blinked?” and Are We Ignoring the Clients (the kids and families)?

  1. When a child enters a school district from a distraught upbringing,the child
    may appear to relax from a perch of fear & no faculty to, presence and cara-
    chter; a.once a child recognizes and unsfecified attendant
    b.the child can save feelings ,emotions associated with previous
    looks at many a terse or angry parent.cognizance also enters
    especially on the side not of the can nots or will nots but rather on whom the glass or pitcher is eternally 1/2 full.
    c. creation teaches lessons to be learned and lessons will be the
    measurement by which we will measure one another until such event changes cataclysmically summers from winters , springs from fall. until the all of us who are as child, those women with child the entirety of balance of love- e tu brutus / I’m really that old I do not remember a line from Kahlil Gibran, or browning , i even I see as edgar Allen Poe, or with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. And yes ! I do remember the house where I was born, shellnow rich in fodder and meat to then move laterally not necessarilly literally. , As in a news commentary Ms. M. H. Tisch, I knew
    you (and still are), were ahead of the NYC call for reforms, who’s aligning
    themselves withwhom, or reaching out to those who do want reform. How
    do those of us who can speak and say, those who can cut a check to a charity that ascribes to that paqrty’s choosing.

    One deciding factor the longer we can throw off our detractors and curse and depise them , the more weknow that the streets from rt66 – to
    Hollywood – kansas throughought the entirety of each small townw/activity one can always be accepted, but not released as easily re-

    Love for my Birth place

    emw initiatives……..



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