Data Mining: Thoughts on the Need for a Curriculum from an Experienced Teacher

from guest blogger Ernesto Clements:

As dark clouds gather over the local school buildings across our great city……a career educator is reading and thinking about the latest late night edition of Ed in the Apple, Data Mining…………….. ( He doesn’t have an inkling, but things are about to change

Interesting work. There’s that pesky premise that the types of questions a student gets wrong and right is a sneak peek into the quality and quantity of teaching and learning that has been effectively discharged or that needs turbo-charging. A different take on this is that what a student can or doesn’t know, do, (blah, blah, blah) is more probably the result of what he/she has been taught; in other words, a by-product of the curriculum experience – a combination of the study of content and performance trials, errors and got-it’s that come and go around, particularly in certain zip codes.

Can you imagine if a classroom, whole grade, school, district, city, state, nation was intentionally watering down the curriculum for particular types of students? If that were the case, and I’m not saying that it is; no not for a minute. But if it were the case, then it would actually look a lot like it actually looks, right now……….

First they blamed the students, then they blamed the parents, and now they blame the teachers and school supervisors. But if the curriculum is a function of the local district…………at least it was, up until a few short years ago……… wouldn’t the district be at fault if the curriculum folly resulted in a system of apartheid, dividing the haves and have not’s with intentional precision?

Tune in next time for what might be the surprise of your professional life…….how districts have morphed into the national DOE and who stands to gain by keeping segments of the populace in the doldrums.

Meanwhile, watch this short, relevant clip:


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